News 2013

  • Statkraft halts osmotic power investments

    20.12.2013 news

    For more than a decade, Statkraft has developed osmotic power. The ambition has been to develop a competitive, new technology for production of renewable energy within 2020. Statkraft will now discontinue its efforts and leave the technology development to other players in the global market.

  • Investing in veterans

    11.12.2013 news

    The era of major hydropower developments in Norway is over. Instead, Statkraft faces a time of major renovations and is reinvesting NOK 12 billion in upgrading power plants.

  • Statkraft presents climate for business leaders

    29.11.2013 news

    A new report commissioned by Statkraft disseminates the very latest climate science into a clear and digestible read for business leaders. The report highlights the urgency of climate action.

  • New health and safety forum to focus on offshore wind industry

    26.11.2013 news

    Nine of the world’s largest renewable energy developers have come together to form a new group, that places health and safety at the forefront of all offshore wind activity and developments - G9 Offshore Wind Health and Safety Association Limited.

  • New R&D programme on climate change

    18.11.2013 news

    How will climate change affect energy production in different parts of the world? A new R&D programme is set to produce information that may shape investment decisions, energy management, and operation and maintenance in Statkraft.

  • Norway and Turkey enter closer cooperation on renewable energy

    06.11.2013 news

    Norway and Turkey have signed a Memorandum of Understanding, paving the way for closer cooperation on renewable energy.

  • Statkraft CEO on energy market situation and leadership

    31.10.2013 news

    Statkraft’s CEO Christian Rynning-Tønnesen comments on the rapidly changing European energy market and Statkraft’s position. He also gives his view on leadership.

  • Half a million visitors for «Munch 150»

    18.10.2013 news

    After four and a half months, the “Munch 150” sesquicentennial exhibition has had 484,325 visitors. This is a record for both the National Gallery and the Munch Museum.

  • Looking for eight new trainees

    30.09.2013 news

    Do you want to work as a trainee for Europe’s largest producer of renewable energy?

  • First anniversary at Sheringham Shoal

    27.09.2013 news

    Friday 27th September 2013 marks the first anniversary of the official opening ceremony of the Sheringham Shoal Offshore Wind Farm, owned by Statoil and Statkraft. To date, total electricity generation from the wind farm is 1.2 TWh.