Business ethics and anti-corruption

Statkraft is committed to a high ethical standard and business culture, with zero tolerance for corruption. Statkraft works against corruption in all its forms in the public and private sector. We do not offer, give, accept, request or receive bribes or other improper advantages, whether directly or indirectly, for business or private gain, whether for ourselves or for others.

Statkraft's commitment to a high level of integrity is clearly stated in our Code of Conduct. Statkraft has also adopted detailed internal rules and guidelines for business ethics and anti-corruption.

Statkraft is present in a wide range of markets. Some of these rank high on Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index. Particular care is taken to handle corruption risk in these markets. Corruption risk assessments have been carried out in all business areas, with 100% of high risk locations covered by dedicated assessments.

Statkraft has rolled out training on anti-corruption to all employees, and internal controls and procedures to ensure adequate prevention are regularly reviewed. The training program aims to ensure knowledge of relevant anti-corruption legislation and Statkraft’s rules, enhance preparedness to handle risks, and promote an ethical culture and increased reporting of concerns. The program is composed of various elements, with classroom training or e-learning as mandatory for all. The combination of methods implemented in each business unit depends on their risk profile, defined according to the geography where staff is located and the function they hold.

In addition, Statkraft has prepared practical guidelines that advise employees on how to handle ethical challenges.  The guidelines are a supplement to governing documents, the existing anti-corruption handbook and anti-corruption e-learning programs.

For more information on Statkraft’s business ethics and anti-corruption work, please see Statkraft’s annual report.


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